Audacity and OdeoWOWOWOWOWO
  1. Describe your tool. What is it used for? Audacitycan be used to make podcasts which could be used for several different types of school projects- basicaly anything you could put sound in the back of. making a video u need sound effects for, or doing voice overs
  2. Describe how to use your tool? Audacity is a system you can use to record and edit sound clips.
  3. Do you need an account? Audacity can be downloaded from the Audacity website; Odeo, however, needs a membership to add podcasts to.
  4. Is it online or a software program? Audacity is a software program.
  5. What are some advantages of using this tool? If you don't want to go up and talk to the class, you can record the infomation on Audacity and play it during class.
  6. How can we use this tool for educational purposes? Any time you would need anything recorded or edited for school Audacity can help.
  7. Give examples of other similiar tools. Do you have a preference? Garageband is a similar tool- in some ways Garageband is better because it already had sound samples on the program. A down side to Garageband is that it only works through apple
  8. Write an evaluation of the tool. Is it easy to use? How hard is it to figure out? The program is not that hard to figure out.
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