The tools we used were Voicethread and Our Story. Voicethread allows you to view a photo while listening to people describing what is going on. It allows you to get different views on the picture by hearing from different peoples comments. Our story allows you to create a timeline of whatever you want. You can upload pictures or videos showing what is going on during a certain event in your timeline.
When using Voicethread you start out with a picture and add in information with voice or text. You can break up the voicethread into different sections allowing you different people to comment on the picture. You can use a microphone or even a phone to record you voicethread. You need to create an account to use Voicethread and it is an online program. The account is free but it does cost $29.99 to upgrade to the Pro Account. The Pro Account allows you to create as many Voicethreadds as you want. With a free acount you are limited to only 3 voicethreads. Voicethread also allows you to comment on other peoples voicethreads, letting you hear other peoples opinions besides the creators.
Our Story is an online program which allows you to create a timeline of anything. You can add pictures or videos into your timeline, allowing you to get a much better idea of what is going on. You do need to create your free account to use our story. Our story is a really awesome way of viewing a timeline and will give you an in depth view of the timeline.
Both of our tools are good for education. Our Story could be used for a presentation for a timeline in history. Voicethread can be used inplace of powerpoint. Both of our tools are easy to use. When you reach the websited for the tools it is self explanitory. There are similar tools on the link below.
Here is a great site that gives you 50 ways to tell a story: