What is Mind Mapping?

  • A visual organizer such as a map, web, chart, or diagram that shows relationships.
  • www.york.k12.sc.us/Standards%5CELA%5CGlossary.doc
  • Mind mapping is an easy and fun way to organize your thoughts and can be used for home, school, work, and just about anything else you want.
  • Mindmapping is really good for school because it allows you to quickly create an organized map of your ideas.
  • Mind mapping comes in online free programs and in software programs.


  • Inspiration tutorial video


  • Inspiration is easily navigated and controlled. It is great for school because it includes many ways to stay creative and fun but still be educational and somewhat structured.
  • Bubble.us is a free online mindmapping program. It is easy to use and easy to find.
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