Photo sharing websites, such as Flickr, allow you to take as many photos as you want and share them with family, friends, and the world through the internet. You can upload digital pictures, organize them by date, topic, style of photography, or any way that pleases you. Photo sharing websites make displaying your photos fast, easy, and accessible anywhere.

  • How to use Flickr:
    • Flickr has a quick and easy tour of all its features. Flickr Tour
    • You can upload pictures and instantly share them withcassinelli.jpg family and friends. With an account you can share your pictures publicly or with your personal contacts. You can also share with friends and family that do not have a Flickr account by sending them guest passes.
    • Flickr makes it easy to organize and browse pictures according to collections and sets with its Organizr.
    • Searching for pictures and browsing other accounts is easy. The Flickr map allows you to search specific locations and tags allow you to search specific subjects and themes.
  • Educational value
    • Flickr could be a valuable tool for teachers and students to share class pictures, projects, and other pictorial assignments
    • Photo sharing websites are perfect for photography students to share their work with the class, turn in assignments, look at other students' work, and study other amateurs and professionals.
    • guy.jpgGraphic design students can turn in assignments on Flickr, creating easy access for the teacher.
    • Using Flickr tools, found at, you can use your Flickr photos in creative projects
      • A motivational poster could become a Health project to create your own public service poster.
      • By using the name badge tool, new students and teachers are instantly recognizable.
      • Create a historical magazine or movie poster for Mr. McQueen's Civil War class.
  • Similar Photo sharing sites:
  • Evaluation
    • Flickr is by far the easiest and most attractive photo sharing websites on the web. The design of the sight is clean and modern. The pictures posted on Flickr are fun to browse. With the tour and easy sign-up, using Flickr is a breeze. Flickr tools allow you to be creative with your pictures, making fun and interesting projects. Photo sharing websites, such as Flickr, allow you to easily organize and share all of your digital photos.
  • We created a Flickr account for Valley Catholic:
    • Username: vcs.student
    • password: valiants